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One Weekend in Hackney

We turned an invitation to a wedding in Folkestone into a ten-day trip to London and Kent. Even though it was a family trip we had plenty of time to visit some interesting beer places. Writing an entire blogpost about the state of beer in London would be insane. The city is about half the size in both population and area as my own little country. It would take weeks to get some sense of the London beer scene. Therefore I will stick to just one part of the city, Hackney, where we stayed with friends before traveling on to Canterbury.


If you like book markets, vegetarian food, thrift stores and other hipster things this is the place for you. It even has a wooden spoon store. Really, no joke, a store sells spoons made of wood. No wonder that breweries have started here as well, probably helped by the for London standards at least somewhat affordable living- and working space. It’s a neighborhood everyone wants to live, a neighborhood very close to the City but with enough there to never leave it if you don’t need to.

But beer, that’s why we are here isn’t it? Here are three places we visited.

Seven Seasons

Here’s a tip for stores or bars still thinking about becoming a verified Untappd venue. Do it! If the Seven Seasons store wasn’t one I might not have visited. A simple search on the app told me this store was 400 meters away from my friend’s house so I couldn’t resist. It’s the typical modern beer store with beers from all over Europe and America with heavy rotation on the shelves. And what I enjoyed the most was the good selection of local beers from Hackney and other nearby neighborhoods. And to my surprise I also saw bottles from Dutch breweries Kees, ‘t IJ, De Molen and even Two Chefs. Two Chefs even had a sort of tasting in the store a few months ago while they were in London.

Another plus is the people working there, they know everything about it as well and can tell you exactly how a beer tastes. If I lived in Hackney this would be the shop I would go to every week.

London Fields Tap Room / Brünch

London Fields is a Hackney based brewery that has a Tap Room, that also seems to double as a German style restaurant. Interesting combination because the beers are not very German. Cask ales mostly in the IPA’s style. The beers itself are ok, but not mindboggling great. But paired with the food options this Tap Room is still a great place to visit.

Because if you want a good German brunch this is the place. The people who work here are international and I heard German so it even has authenticity. It’s a very alternative place with vegan options and yoga posters on the wall. Buckwheat pancakes or Bauernfrühstück, no problem.

A nice place to visit for the beerhunter, and a good place for the lover of German cuisine. And if you like both it’s a double win.


I initially went here because it was taproom and close to where we were staying. I thought I had not heard of them before. It took me a while to realize that Redchurch was in fact present at the Borefts Festival two years ago and that it is in fact a renowned London brewery. I remember now that their Export Stout was exceptional and one of my favorites at Borefts.

The brewery and tap room are housed in an arch of the overground railroad, a little outside of normal traffic lanes so you need to look up where it is.

When you walk into the brewery you really walk into the brewery. On the right are barrels, hopefully filled with wonderful beer. You can even walk in and have a look at the installation and bottling line on your way to the bathroom. The taproom is up the stairs. It is small, with seats for only around a dozen people, but with more standing room. They only serve their own beers but on a Sunday afternoon it is fine, not too busy when we were there. Wonderful stuff on tap from their usual pale ales to more experimental sours, like many of the modern breweries today. One was made with lemon and rosemary and was very good. Their Big Eastern IPA rocked, unfortunately the Export Stout was not on tap. .

Hackney itself is a great part of London to walk around it where the streets are still walkable and you don’t trip over tourists. Who knows how long this will last before the housing prices are too high here as well, but for a beer lover you can easily spend a weekend here visiting different things.