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Amsterdam’s New Beer Scene Episode IV: Two Chefs Brewing

After some detours to Groningen and ino the realm of art criticism it is time to get back on track with our series on new Amsterdam brewers. So today we introduce you to two chefs. Indeed, Two Chefs Brewing is a two man team of Martijn Disseldorp and Sanne Slijper who were at one stage in their career making food for people for a living. This is an occupation where flavor is a good skill to have. In 2012 Martijn and Sanne took this skill from food to beer and joined to make new beers and experiment with new ingredients. The feedback was positive enough to start brewing commercially for the first time and the reactions to this were also positive. Two Chefs Brewing was born and in 2013 when it was still a side project next to their normal day jobs. In January of this year they took bigger steps towards a professional brewery with bigger batches and since August Two Chefs is their day job.


It is a question that I keep asking, how do you sell and distribute the beer? The number of takers of Two Chefs Brewing’ beer has grown amongst café’s in Amsterdam. For now Amsterdam is what they are aiming for and you won’t find their beer much outside of the Capital. Next year they hope to expand and bring their beers to more parts of the country.

The two chefs stepped in at the right moment, Martijn says. He notices that the demand for specialty, especially local, beer is still growing in café’s and liquor stores. Visitors these days expect a local beer to be on the menu. The taste of the beer drinker is evolving too and Two Chefs has no trouble selling more complex beers like their Imperial Russian Stout.

Brewers as friends

In the article I published two weeks ago about post-modern brewing I wrote a few paragraphs about how craft brewers see themselves as artists with a common goal. When I asked Martijn if he sees the other brewers as competition or as comrades his answer could have been quoted in that article.

“We see the other Amsterdam breweries as colleague’s with whom we have to change the beer market. For the guest of a café in the long run it is better when there is a choice out of many beers from different breweries. Every brewery brings something else and this appeals many guests. You also strengthen each other by opening up the market with the smaller breweries.”

Stumbling blocks

The main stumbling block is one we see all the time for small brewers; the lack of their own installation. This automatically means your product is in the hands of a second party and the quality they can offer. Right now they do most of their brewing at Anders! In Belgium, the last batch was 400hl.Other Dutch brewers who brew or have brewed here are De Natte Gijt, Liefde and Oedipus.

The beers

The beers they have made so far are divers, with the Imperial Porter and the Imperial Stout (Dirty Katarina) getting the best reviews. They are now for sale in most good liquor stores in Amsterdam. As a hobby they were already doing a great job, but now that Two Chefs Brewing is their main day job, we can only look forward to more.

Two Chefs Brewing Website

One of the funniest labels ever.

One of the funniest labels ever.