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Amsterdam’s new beer scene episode V: The Cinema Strikes Back

And you thought we were done with the new Amsterdam beer scene! Well, you’re wrong there buddy, there’s still a lot more to talk about. New brewing initiatives are popping up in Amsterdam faster than I can keep up with writing about them. One of those new initiatives is one that has been getting some attention in the press lately are the Cinema Brewers. New brewers with a different angle on beer; because they come from the movie industry they bring ideas from that art to the brewing world.


The Cinema Brewers are screenwriter Roelof Jan Minneboo and director Finbarr Wilbrink and yes, they have IMDB pages. Go ahead, look it up while I wait.


How cool was that! Roelof Jan and Finbarr are being helped by Naos Wilbrink and Bart Breedijk now that they are taking of.


From movies they ventured into another art; brewing. Why beer? Well, beer is simple a product they enjoy more than coffee, fruit juice or the making and selling of hand carved statuettes of Elvis. Their beers are American influenced, meaning IPA’s with bold flavors.

Because they are filmmakers they combined their passion for both film and beer. The beers are named after classic films and they incorporate elements of those movies into the flavor of the beer. The way they do this is as far as I know unique. Let’s take for example their new beer Casablanca. This beer is made with American and Czech hops to represent the main characters Rick Blain and Victor Laszlo. Even more inventive is the way they incorporated the setting of Casablanca into the beer by using the typical Moroccan spices coriander (cilantro) and cardamom.

cinema2Shooting location

Right now the beer is brewed at the Noordhollands Bierbrouwerij in Uitgeest. The first beer, Breathless, in a batch of 1000 liters. The second one is called Lebowski in a batch of 2000 liters.

Art Work

So we covered film and brewing but their multifaceted approach doesn’t end there. Another winner is the artwork by Het IJzeren Gordijn and the illustrations. For every label a different artist was asked to draw it.


We saw with the other brewers in Amsterdam that often they were part of a network of friendly establishments. The Cinema Brewers started by going to all the stores and bars that they think will sell the beer. Every so often there is a picture on their Facebook page of a new store that now sells Cinema Brewers beer. That some moviehouses sell it is only logical. They have moved on from delivering it themselves and the distribution is now in the hands of Dorstlust, a delivery service from Amsterdam.

cinema1A Sequel?

Check their Facebook page to see where in Amsterdam you will be able to find their beers. I wonder what they would make if they ever make beers after some of my favorite movies. What would a Rear Window be like? How would a Once Upon A Time in the West taste? Would a Magnolia be any good and can you add magnolia to a beer in the first place? And lastly, what would you flavor an Ernest Goes to Camp with? All questions the Cinema Brewers will hopefully answer in the future.



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