Friends of the Blog


Links to other websites / blogs we get our information and inspiration from:

Harry Pinkster’s Dutch Brewery Map and Blog – greatest resource on the web about Dutch breweries

John Clarke’s Beer Blog – friend of the blog from England, regularly blogs about Dutch beers

Rick Kempen‘s My Life With Beer


Pro-Bierchen – German blog, often about Dutch beer

HopfenLiebe – German blog, travels to the Netherlands often

Things to Do

Amsterdam Craft Beer Tours – the name says it all

Bierwandeltochten – walking to beer

Unfortunately these are all in Dutch but there will be enough information even for those who don’t speak the language.

Bierista – very insightful blog about Dutch beer, with video

Proeflokaal MOUT – investigative blog of a soon-to-be Dutch beer only bar in Groningen

Genieten met Bier – website focusing on the good things in life, like recipes with beer – another great resource about Dutch breweries

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