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Amsterdam’s new craft beer scene Part II: Nordman Beers

It’s the middle of the summer. A group of our best brewers are at this moment in Portland spreading the word about how great Dutch beer actually is. This group consist mostly out of Brewers from Utrecht and the surrounding area. Amsterdam is represented with Het IJ and the city’s brightest prospect Oedipus. Those who remain are trying to reach that level too. Last time around I wrote about De Vriendschap in the first part of the new Amsterdam beer scene. Part II is about Nordman, who a couple of months ago released their first beer: an I.P.A.


Nordman is a two man team of Shaun and Thomas, friends for over a decade and beer tasting experience to match. The first country the mention beer-related is Germany, a country they have often visited and where Shaun has even lived for 5 years. They both enjoy the German beer culture of community.

After 20 years of research they thought it was time to start making beer themselves, initially to let the people around them enjoy good beer as well. Nordman is not the story of brewers who have been brewing for ages and are new to the whole process. But enthusiasm in homebrewing led to bigger batches in just a few months.

Nordman initially started with four people. But four people means four different points of view, and that didn’t really work, and they went back to just the two of them.

Name recognition

Getting the name Nordman out was done by their network of friends and their friends’ networks. They have both worked in the café- and restaurant business so they knew their way around the business. The name Nordman (Norseman, Viking) helps in getting the word out too.

They use Social media like Facebook, other beersites and their own website. After the first batch they held a release party and they are planning to do this every time a beer is released.

The rising number of brewers in Amsterdam means they have to work hard on making a good product. More and more bars are interested in having their beer on the menu.


Though they specifically mention Germany, their first beer is an IPA. Their IPA is forceful and great for both men and women. Their IPA is what an IPA should be: fruity, but bitter as well. The first batch of 500 liters was brewed at Praght in Dronten and sold out immediately. The second 1000 liter batch was also brewed at Praght. The latest one was made at Maximus and was 1500 liters.


Though geared towards American style beers their next release will be a German style white beer, a lighter version of the IPA (4,5%) with 5 different hops. Autumn will see the release of a saison.

Their Facebook page mentions a Beergarden! How cool is that, apart from new brewers the capital will also see a new place to drink beer.



Nordman Beers website

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