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Two Days in Delft

Delft, a city located between The Hague and Rotterdam. Most known for the painter Johannes Vermeer and the city where the National Hero William of Orange made his home and where he was killed. The church where he and the other royals since are buried dominates the skyline. These days tourists wander the quaint canals, and it’s other claim to fame is the excellent Technical University.

a beer from Delft

When Delft was still an important major city it boasted, like many Dutch cities, tens of breweries. Some big enough to make the owners leading men in local politics. Sadly, none exist anymore apart from a new brewery called Koperen Kat. There are beers you can get with the name Delft on it, but these are made outside of the city. We will discuss the Delft beer in another article soon but they managed to have a selection of their beers in most of the bars and restaurants on the central market square.

What Delft lacks in actual breweries it more than makes up in excellent beer bars. Since Delft is a small city they are all in downtown so it doesn’t take too long to go from one to the other. They also all have a different character and different beer menus.

Locus Publicus seems to be a bar frequented by locals. An excellent book full of beers from all over the world and some special Dutch beers. I was happy to see the Eem Chemical Wedding on tap and others on bottle. It’s narrow and dark but a good place to go.

Belgian Beer Café Belvedere on the Beestenmarkt is your average typical Belgian Beer bar that you find everywhere in the world. Mostly InBev beers and not a very big range, though the Leffe Christmasbeer was a nice surprise. The food here is quite good.

Doerak first deserves credit for having an actual iPhone app. So far it’s the second bar in the country I have seen that has one, the other being In De Wildeman. Good range of national beers with Emelisse and even a separate board on the wall with the available De Molen beers. A bar that serves a few De Molens can never be a bad one. Lots of games you can play here. Had an Eem Bitter and a SNAB Czaar Peter here.

On the other side of the canal is the amazing Trappistenlokaal ‘t Klooster. Go here if you want some special De Molens, Rogue’s or Mikkelers. It’s a small place but the people working there know everything you need to know about good beer. The accompanying restaurant was unfortunately closed.

There is one beer that I missed on the trip called ‘t Proeflokaal, Let’s save that for another time.