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EleganT – an elegant hobby

On the shelf in the excellent Bierwinkel that Peter Jongejans runs in Leiden I found bottles from EleganT brewery from nearby Leiderdorp. EleganT is not a brewery whose beers can be found all over the country so I happily bought the available bottles and tasted them at home. Great colorful labels and enticing names like “Callgirl” made me want to ask some questions.

EleganT has been in business since 1996, which for a Dutch microbrewery is already quite some time. It is the perfect example of two people brewing beer for fun and doing everything themselves. Cees van der Tang and Erik Gallé had cooking as a big hobby and brewing evolved from that. Running EleganT is also a hobby and not a day job and that can be seen in the limited production of 70 hectoliters per year.

The labels are colorful and Cees and Erik do the design themselves. They also lent their last names to the name of the brewery, which is an anagram of their last names. The names of the beers are all about female elegance: Deerne (Maiden or Young Woman), Callgirl, Bruintje (Brunette), Groupie or Springmeid.

The beers can be bought in shops in the neighborhood and in some restaurants. Especially try the Callgirl and Winterprinses, their best beers.