Borefts Beer Festival 2010

We will leave the incredible history Neue of the country’s best brewery wholesale nba jerseys for a future edition. It’s handcrafted beers have flowed into the throats and hearts of beerlovers all over the world in just a short period of time. The brewery is located in a quaint windmill in the town of Bodegraven, not too far from Utrecht. On September 24th and 25th it was the location for the second Borefts Beer Festival. De Molen had invited 10 brewers from 7 different European countries to showcase their finest beers. The invitees were Alvinne and De Struise from Belgium, Närke from Sweden, Marble (UK), Mitfyns and the mighty Mikkeler from Denmark, Haandbryggiet from Norway, Beck from Germany and from the Netherlands Emelisse. Last but not least the amazing Italians from Revelation Cat. Some drinkers of the Molen will recognize some of these names from beers brewed together. These brewers brought a total Minimum of just under 100 different beers. cheap jerseys Way too many to try unfortunately. Even for experienced beer-drinkers some of these beers had strange additions like juniper, ginger, chili, rhubarb and even tobacco.

The festival had it’s own little competition. De Molen had given it’s recipe of their IPA “Vuur & Vlam” to all the other breweries, whoever cheap nfl jerseys brewed the best one Wispe would win. Apart from IPA’s pretty much every other style was available, with the exception of pale Pages ales and lagers. This meant that staying under 8% was sometimes a challenge with some of the more interesting beers easily reaching the 17% mark.

I will stick to a short description of the festival and won’t go into any details about the beers served, suffice it to say that I wholesale nfl jerseys have never seen this many great flavors in one small building débuts and garden. It seemed to have been a success so let’s hope there will be a third edition next year, maybe with even better wetter. Though even with the occasional shower it was a perfect day for microbrews. Apart from cheap jerseys having the best beer in the Netherlands De Molen might now also host the best festival in the country.