Welcome to the Dutch Beer Pages

Welcome to the Dutch beer pages, a website dedicated to beer from the Netherlands, but in English.

The words ‘Dutch beer’ are almost synonymous with Heineken these days and to a lesser extent Amstel and Grolsch. But cheap nfl jerseys throughout the country many new microbreweries have sprung up. Breweries led by passionate brewers who make beers that are often good, and sometimes not so good. While not yet having reached the level of beermaking cheap jerseys in neighboring countries Germany and most of all Belgium, a few are indeed making beers that can easily be mistaken for an artisan Belgian ale.

Why another page about Dutch beer? Well, for starters there aren’t that many good pages about Dutch beer apart from the pages of the breweries themselves. And if there are sites they are always in Dutch. We started this cheap mlb jerseys site to try and tell the story and spread the word about Dutch breweries to first of all hes a large group of expats in the Netherlands. There are tens of thousands of people living and working in this country who also love to Tournament drink a good beer apart from a Heineken. It’s also for people who have had beers from Dutch brewers outside of the Netherlands and enjoyed them but finding it hard or almost impossible to find some more information about the brewery. In fact, less than turpis half of the websites posted here have pages wholesale mlb jerseys in English.

This page will hopefully mean more attention to great Dutch beer. We will add news and reviews and hopefully also articles about / interviews with breweries. All in English.